There are many organizations that provide food, medical care, and other support to the people of Mali as well as other impoverished countries. However, few organizations provide an opportunity to rise and become independent. We are a nonprofit organization committed to giving a better life to those in third world countries. 

Who we are

The best way to help someone better themselves is to assist them with educational opportunities and the allow them the means to earn a living. This is the mission of Meant to Be, Up to Me. If a person’s basic needs to thrive are not being met, we cannot expect them to have the ability to learn and grow for the betterment of themselves. For this reason, our goal is to provide clothing for children and women who are attending school as they embark on the difficult task of changing unfortunate circumstances into a better future. Through this schooling we will provide resources such as computers and lesson plans to empower those in attendance.

We hope that Meant to Be, Up to Me will benefit the women and children of Mali on a direct level, with the goal of making an impact on third world countries generally as well. Benefits of helping to meet basic needs as well as equipping them with resources that will allow them to thrive on their own local economy and not rely on aid and relief.

What we do


In 2003, only 36% of student completed primary school. The extremely poor quality of education leads to most students dropping out of school at 12 years old.

We, as a nonprofit, are providing a helping hand to those who struggled to get basic education. They will be able to navigate through society and have a second chance at education. We are working to build a foundation for the education system that will bridge the gap between education in third world countries and developed countries.

Trips to mali

We traveled to Mali December 2020 and March 2021.

Our mission involves going to Mali often and helping the local team gather a strong vision about future possibilities and the success of Mali as a whole.

We are currently organizing a trip in 2022. The objective will be to take ambassadors and others who are willing to go and experience the conditions that we are trying to change and envision the way we can use their resources.

Latest news

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